FAQs: Pepper’s Music Sharing Initiative


Update: This service is now being extended. Teachers will be able to use the Share Music feature through December 31, 2020.

A number of teachers and directors have talked about the treasure trove of sheet music left in their temporarily closed school buildings or other facilities. There are also many students and church ensemble members who didn’t think to grab their music folder for at-home learning. So with the help of hundreds of publishers, a solution has been hatched.

Pepper is offering a way for teachers and directors to electronically share music they have purchased from us in the past four years, including anything newly purchased from now until December 31st. The music has to fit three criteria:

  1. Pepper has a record of you buying from us in the last four years.
  2. The music is available in digital or ePrint form.
  3. The publisher is allowing us to share it.

If these three things are true, then we will make the music available electronically from now until December 31st. Quantities shared should match what you have purchased and be limited to your ensemble. Currently we have more 200,000 titles available to share.

Below are a couple of short videos to walk you through the process, along with some frequently asked questions we have received about this initiative:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Visit and click “Get My Music” to log in or create a new account.

What if my music was purchased by someone else at my school or district other than me (e.g. a bookkeeper)?

Your district or school purchase can be linked to your web login. Contact with your account information.

What information should I include in a request to link my login with my school account?

Please include your name, school account number if you have it, and your school’s full name and address.

Why am I unable to share some titles?

Please see the three criteria listed above. For a list of participating publishers, please visit this site.

Does my original purchase have to be from Pepper?

Yes, this is a service built and supported by J.W. Pepper and only applies to purchases made from our company.

Can I remove a title I don’t want to share with my ensemble?

Yes, please reach out to with your request.

How do I share the titles with my students or ensemble members?

Send the access code to the students in your ensemble. They will enter the code in the box underneath the question “Have an Access Code?” on the webpage Please remember you can only share the number of copies purchased.

Does this also apply to music libraries?

You are only allowed to share music to the degree that you have purchased it. So, if one copy was purchased, it may be shared with one person. If multiple copies were purchased, then you can match that quantity. 

 Is it a PDF?

No, it’s an online viewing system supported by Pepper’s ePrint technology.

Why was the screen blank when we used the access code?

Some browser issues that temporarily caused this problem have been resolved. If you still are having difficulty, please contact

What if my question was not addressed here?

Contacting is the best way to reach us, since most of our staff is working remotely. We’ll do our best to answer your questions.

Thanks for all your support as we work through this unprecedented time. We appreciate everything the music community is doing to keep music alive during these challenging times.

Pepper has served musicians since 1876. We hope you find our blog posts informative and a wonderful gateway to news in the world of music.


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